Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Department of Medical and Molecular Biology                                               Zabrze, September 2019

Medical University of Silesia

19 Jordana Str. 41-800 Zabrze



Medical University of Silesia Faculty of Medical Sciences in Zabrze

Subject: Biology

Academic year 2019/2020


General Provisions

1. Classes in the form of lectures, laboratories and seminars will be conducted according to the schedule.
2. All information concerning lectures, laboratories and seminars will be posted on the Faculty’s notice board and website (
3. Credits from seminars and laboratories will be granted on the basis of partial credits obtained from every subject covered by the course. Scale of grades: 5.0 (very good); 4.5 (better than good); 4.0 (good); 3.5 (better than satisfactory); 3.0 (satisfactory); 2.0 (unsatisfactory).
4. Passing all partial credits for the first time enables possibility increments bonus points for the number of points obtained in the exam by average rating (average grade 3.5-3.9: 1 point; average grade > 3.9-4.3: 2 points; average grade > 4.3-4.5: 3 points; average grade > 4.5 -4.7: 4 points; > 4.7: 5 points).
5. To successfully complete the course a student is required to pass the final exam. The final exam will be conducted in the form of a single choice test and will comprise of 100 questions (70 questions from the material covered during laboratories and 30 questions from the lecture material). The duration of the exam is 100 minutes. The minimum pass grade is 70%. The exam is going to evaluated on the basis of points of examination test + bonus points, according to Appendix No 1 to Resolution No 139/2007 of April 27, 2007 constituting Appendix No 1 to Resolution No 107/2015 of October 21, 2015 of the Senate of the Medical University of Silesia.


Students’ Rights

1. A student is entitled to ask for clarifications and obtain help in order to understand the material during the classes or office hours. Information concerning staff office hours is posted on the Faculty’s noticeboard and website.
2. A student is entitled to make up for his/her absences (in the case of laboratories and seminars) as agreed and scheduled with the instructor.
3. In the case of failing grades or absence from 5 or more classes, the student should receive an overall credit from the class before the exam session. The dates for the overall credit test will be appointed by the Head of the Department.
4. In the case of failing the final exam, the student is entitled to two retakes in the form of multiple choice test.


Students’ Responsibilities

1. Students must be punctual and attend the classes according to the schedule.
2. Students must observe cleanliness rules and keep silent when at the Department’s area.
3. Students must wear white coats during laboratory classes. It is required to have a plain notebook (minimum 32 pages) and a set of colored pencils.
4. Students are obliged to prepare the documentation of microscopic observations. In the case of failed laboratories documentation, the student is obliged to obtain the missing documentation within the next seven days.
5. In the case of absences from laboratory classes and seminars, which result from circumstances beyond the student’s control, it is necessary to present a sick leave from the doctor at the Department’s administrative office within 7 days from the date of absence.
6. Students are obliged to obtain credits from all seminars and laboratory classes in a written form and also obtain credit from multimedia presentation.
7. In the case of getting an unsatisfactory note (fail), the student is obliged to obtain the missing credit within the next seven days.
8. In order to be admitted to the exam, a student must obtain satisfactory notes from all laboratory-seminar topics.
9. It is banned to bring and use any electronic communication or voice recording devices for storing information (i.e. radio-phone, hand-held radios, mobile phones, voice recorders).
12. Any violations of the ban from the above point may result in the student’s dismissal from the class without the possibility of obtaining credit.


Joanna Strzelczyk, PhD is contact person responsible for the classes organization (